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一 . External rotor air conditioning centrifugal fan how to use to prolong the life?
       Even if the user can choose the best one when choosing the fan, if the user does not strictly follow the instructions in use, the use effect of the fan will be reduced, and even the service life of the centrifugal fan will be shortened, which is also a great loss for the user. The first use of the fan is from its start. Sometimes the startup fails or takes a very long time. There are many reasons for this. If the motor does not move, check the set value of the safety mechanism; If the motor rated power is too low, replace the motor; If the starting procedure is not correct, adjust the starting equipment; If the power consumption is too large when starting, verify whether the gas flow control mechanism is in the closed position when starting; If the rotor is stuck, the hand plate fan is used to check and investigate the cause of the stuck (friction, obstacles, etc.); If the voltage at the motor connection is too low, check the power line voltage - if the loss is too large, increase the power line. Most of the time users will find that the impeller is always in vain energy consumption. Gas leakage between the front cover and the collector forms cyclic activity. A certain clearance must be maintained between the front cover of the centrifugal fan and the collector and between the casing and the rotating shaft. To ensure the reliability of fan rotation. This can alleviate the phenomenon to a large extent. After more than ten years of continuous improvement, the shell of the centrifugal fan produced by Xinchang Bolte Machinery Co., Ltd. is made of shougang zinc free galvanized sheet, the parts are moulded, and the assembly line is operated. The main parts are made of wind wheel rolling, volute edge niching, riveting TOX connection and other advanced technologies. Product structure is reasonable, with low noise, high efficiency, long life, small size, safe and reliable use.

2. Maintenance and failure causes of external rotor air conditioning fan
    External rotor centrifugal air conditioning fanWith large air volume, low noise, compact structure, durable, beautiful appearance, easy installation and use. The fan is widely used in various air conditioning units, air curtain, cooling and heating fans, etc. It can also be used for indoor ventilation in industrial and mining enterprises and public places. The medium it transmits is air and other non-flammable gases harmless to human body. No particulate matter is allowed in the gas and the dust content is not more than 150mg/m³.

         External rotor air conditioning fanMaintenance work system

1. The external rotor air conditioning fan must be used and maintained by special personnel.

2. External rotor air conditioning fan is not allowed to run with disease.

3. Regularly remove dust inside the external rotor air conditioning fan, especially the dust, dirt and other impurities on the impeller, in order to prevent corrosion and imbalance.

4. External rotor air conditioning fan maintenance must emphasize the first power shutdown.

5. Regularly check the sensitivity of thermometer and oil mark.

6. Except that the lubricating oil should be replaced after each disassembly and repair, the lubricating oil should be replaced once from march to June under normal circumstances.

External rotor air conditioning fanThe main faults and causes of

1. Violent vibration of bearing box

① The outer rotor air conditioning fan shaft is different from the motor shaft, and the coupling is tilted

(2) & have spent The casing or air inlet rubs against the impeller

(3) & have spent The rigidity of the foundation is not strong

The impeller rivet is loose or the impeller is deformed

The leaf wheel shaft plate and shaft loose, or the coupling bolt loose

⑥ The connecting bolts between the chassis and the bracket, the bearing box and the bracket, the bearing box cover and the seat are loose

The air inlet and outlet pipes of the external rotor air conditioning fan are poorly installed

The rotor is not balanced, the rotor air conditioning fan blade wear

2. Bearing temperature rise is too high

① Violent vibration of bearing box

(2) Lubrication grease quality is not bright, metamorphic, contains too much dust, sand, dirt and other impurities

③ The tightening force of the connecting bolts of the bearing box cover and seat is too large or too small

(4) The shaft and rolling bearing are installed askew, and the front and rear bearings are different

The rolling bearing is damaged

3. Electrode current is too high or temperature rise is too high

(1) The intake pipe gate or throttle valve is not closed when starting

② The flow exceeds the specified value

③ The density of air transported by the external rotor air conditioning fan is too large or has viscous substances

The motor input voltage is too low or the power supply is single-phase

The coupling connection is not correct, the leather ring is too tight or the gap is not uniform

⑥ Affected by the violent vibration of the bearing box

三 . Air conditioning cover to air conditioning machine and dust farewell

       Xinchang usain bolt machinery co., LTD. Air conditioning shielding adopt high strength aluminum alloy material, its main structure according to the air conditioning machine size using the whole piece of aluminum alloy plate stamping sheet metal, a large area of open to the flow of air, reduce air conditioning shielding by wind force directly, in air conditioning cover and Angle using reinforcement for reinforcement.
The unique design of the air conditioning protective cover can wrap the whole air conditioning machine inside, will not fall off, the large area of hollow out is conducive to the flow of airflow and beautiful. Let your air conditioning machine from now on and dust say goodbye!
  Return to wait for what, the air conditioning outside the machine that is quick for your home puts on beautiful coat, it can let you decorate luxurious beautiful home more warmth, can reflect the atmosphere of bedroom warmth and romance very well. The design of fashion personality, add a lot of color for your air conditioning machine, set off your delicate life taste, reflect the elegant and noble owner. It will suit your home.
  The value of aluminum alloy air conditioning cover of Xinchang Bolt Machinery Co., Ltd. has gone beyond the practical scope and absorbed a strong fashion color; Is a symbol of elegance; It is the first choice for city image transformation. Deeply the favor of the high-grade real estate business, become the best use of architectural decoration style ornament partner.
Diversified performance for the enterprise progresses day by day of air conditioning shielding products provide a good opportunity, more company sales elite, cultivate a large number of design talent and so on various aspects technology talents, xinchang usain bolt machinery co., LTD. Cover the advantages of the enterprise is in air conditioning, and striding towards the world, to beautify the world urban construction to make due contributions.Air conditioning cover to air conditioning machine and dust farewell