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External rotor air conditioning centrifugal fan how to use to prolong the life?

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Even if the user can choose the best one when choosing the fan, if the user does not strictly follow the instructions in use, the use effect of the fan will be reduced, and even the service life of the centrifugal fan will be shortened, which is also a great loss for the user.

The first use of the fan is from its start. Sometimes the startup fails or takes a very long time. There are many reasons for this.

If the motor does not move, check the set value of the safety mechanism;

If the motor rated power is too low, replace the motor;

If the starting procedure is not correct, adjust the starting equipment;

If the power consumption is too large when starting, verify whether the gas flow control mechanism is in the closed position when starting;

If the rotor is stuck, the hand plate fan is used to check and investigate the cause of the stuck (friction, obstacles, etc.);

If the voltage at the motor connection is too low, check the power line voltage - if the loss is too large, increase the power line.

Most of the time users will find that the impeller is always in vain energy consumption. Gas leakage between the front cover and the collector forms cyclic activity. A certain clearance must be maintained between the front cover of the centrifugal fan and the collector and between the casing and the rotating shaft. To ensure the reliability of fan rotation. This can alleviate the phenomenon to a large extent.
After more than ten years of continuous improvement, the shell of the centrifugal fan produced by Xinchang Bolte Machinery Co., Ltd. is made of shougang zinc free galvanized sheet, the parts are moulded, and the assembly line is operated. The main parts are made of wind wheel rolling, volute edge niching, riveting TOX connection and other advanced technologies. Product structure is reasonable, with low noise, high efficiency, long life, small size, safe and reliable use.