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External rotor fan storage and maintenance method

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1. When the external rotor fan is found to have abnormal sound, serious motor heating, live shell, switch trip, failure to start and other phenomena during operation, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. In order to ensure safety, it is not allowed to carry out maintenance in the operation of the fan. After maintenance, test run should be carried out for 5~10 minutes, and start operation after confirming no abnormal phenomenon.


2. The fan can only operate under the condition that the fan is completely normal. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure sufficient capacity and stable voltage of power supply facilities.

3、External rotor fanIn the use of the environment should always keep the air unobstructed, dry, clean. The surface of the fan should be kept clean. There should be no sundries in the inlet and outlet. Dust and other sundries in the fan and pipe should be removed regularly.

4. The external rotor fan should be stored in a dry environment to avoid dampness of the motor or motor. When external rotor fans are stored in the open air, defensive measures should be taken. In the process of storage and handling, the external rotor should be prevented from knocking against or being strongly impacted by external forces, so as not to damage the fan.