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Some failures of external rotor air conditioning fans

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With the development of science and technology, external rotor air conditioning fans are widely used in various professionsWhile the oscillation of the external rotor air conditioning fan in the process of use is inevitable, then there will be a series of questions, generally speaking, there are the following:

1、Planning elements: the planning of the external rotor air conditioning fan is usually based on the externalThe use of rotor air conditioning fan environment, temperature, air volume, air pressure, media and so onDelimit, and some companies have not completely based on these due to the selection, resulting in the shape

There are the following elements:Improper planning of external rotor air conditioning fan,,Poor dynamic characteristic,Oscillations occur during operation; Unreasonable structure, stress concentration; Planning operation speed connectionNear or falling into the critical speed zone; The calculation of thermal expansion is prohibited, resulting in the thermal state is not inGood etc.。

2、Production elements: external rotor air conditioning fan manufacturers external rotor airThe quality request of the regulating fan also affects the work of the external rotor air conditioning fan, such as zero partParts processing is not good, the accuracy is not good; Parts raw material is poor, strength is not good, system

As a defect; Rotor dynamic balance does not meet the skill requirements

3、Device and maintenance factors: the device precision of external rotor air conditioning fan pleaseExternal rotor air conditioning fan work plays a very important effect, such as device accuracyFailure to reach the request of the device will cause damage to the external rotor air conditioning fan.In the process of the external rotor air conditioning fan device, there are the following influencing factors, such as: machineImproper equipment, parts dislocation, large preload; Poor alignment of shafting; The machineHow many parameters (such as cooperation gap, interference and relative orientation) are adjusted; turnA long time improper placement of components, change the dynamic balance accuracy; Failure to maintain according to regulations, damageThe original cooperative nature and precision of the machine are broken.

4、Operation elements: in the process of using the external rotor air conditioning fan,External rotor air conditioning fan protection, maintenance, external rotor air conditioning fanThe quality of operation plays a decisive role. Such as: technical parameters (such as the temperature of the medium,Pressure, flow, load, etc.) violates the planned value, and the operating condition of the machine is abnormalThe machine runs under super speed and overload, which changes the operation characteristics of the machine. embellishSlippery may not cool well; Local damage or scaling of the rotor; Start and stop or lift intoImproper process operation, uneven thermal expansion or too long residence time in critical region.

5、Deterioration factor: usually the equipment has a certain age when it is in useThe performance of equipment will deteriorate after a certain number of years. About the external rotor air conditioning fanAnd so it is如:长时间运转,Rotor deflection increases or dynamic balance deteriorates;Rotor partial damage, falling or crack; Wear, pitting or corrosion of partsAnd so on; Cooperation surface deterioration, interference lack or loosening, etc., damaged cooperationProperties and accuracy; Uneven settlement of machine base and deformation of machine shell.