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  • Senior hr manager
  • 毕业生
  • 2人
  • 不限
  • 18-30岁
  • 大专以上
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    2022/05/27 0:00:00
  • 2022/09/24 0:00:00
  • 1. Familiar with the framework and relationship of the whole HUMAN resource management and development system; 2. Familiar with job analysis and job evaluation techniques; Familiar with hr daily management workflow; He has rich practical experience in human resource strategic planning, talent introduction, compensation and welfare design, performance incentive assessment, staff training, staff career design and other aspects.
  • 1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in human resources or related management; At least 2.8 years HR working experience, at least 5 years HR management experience, at least 3 years HR working experience in well-known high-tech enterprises; Familiar with Office software; Quick thinking and excellent communication skills.
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