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Do these 3, the air cooler order is indispensable!

* : * : admin * : 2022/05/27 13:48:19 * : 3
  Air cooler is the key supporting products of cold storage, and is a product with high technical content and high profit. In recent years, with the development of the refrigeration industry, the market demand for air coolers has gradually increased, so many enterprises have been involved in the industry.

  1, product selection and product design is very key, according to different working conditions; 2, processing technology, material selection is very key, such as the thickness of copper tube, fin thickness, copper tube and so on, will affect the performance of the product; 3, engineering companies in the process of use, installation is standard, has a great impact on the quality of the product.

  In addition, as the first batch of domestic call to sell cold quantity subject to the enterprise, Zhejiang Gaoxiang has been committed to promoting industrial standardization.

   In 2021, Zhejiang Gaoxiang will also include this work in the three to five years of strategic planning, and the cold storage cold source technology Alliance (CSTA) cooperation, and match the positive, steady, feasible plan, so that the company has the potential and power of steady development, practical innovation.

  Introduction: "In the next few years, the company's new product development and new technology will focus on the following three aspects. 1. Committed to the realization of cold storage refrigeration system data; 2. Promote the process of electronic expansion valve replacing thermal expansion valve; 3, power fin heat exchanger from the area to the cooling capacity transformation."

  At the same time, Zhejiang Gaoxiang carries out total quality management, enhances the quality consciousness of employees, actively improves the quality of product design, the quality of supplied materials and the quality of process processing, and synchronously improves the quality of after-sales service. For example, a new training system was reorganized and established, including new employee training, quality improvement training, safety production training, team echelon construction training, etc. Actively engage industry experts, scientific research institutions, leading suppliers and other external resources to carry out training; The staff and management of the company actively go out to visit and learn, and combine cognition with action; The establishment of after-sales service management system, the establishment of after-sales service team, focus on improving the skill level of service personnel production; Sorted out the relevant process system, product installation and processing process, and informed customers, and trained customers' corresponding personnel.